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Italian cuisine is not all about pasta. Oh no. The Italians have a way with vegetables. And they grow their own. They have developed the most magnificent array, and now we in America can buy Italian seeds. Yes, now you can grow Italian. Each year I see more and more imported Italian vegetable and herb seeds at garden centers, but the go to place remains Seeds from Italy. The number of their offerings is astounding – more than thirty varieties of radicchio and chicory alone. And it just keeps getting better – by September they expect to have Italian garlic – Sulmona from Abruzzo and Berrentina Piacentina from Piacenza. The list goes on – beans, cabbages, kale, cavolo, caulifower, endive, escarole, and I’m only to E.  My favorites, however are the pumpkins, le zucche.  You’ll find a tremendous selection, and you have never seen ones like those grown from Seeds from Italy. The only thing you will regret once you peruse their catalogue of imported Italian seeds is that your backyard garden is not larger. Life is good in the garden. Start planning!

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Pumpkin Harvest

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Italian Seeds
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  1. Comment by Adri:

    I am so pleased you found my site – I just took a tour of yours, too, and it is great. I just put it in my links. The zucca are terrific. Such character! And some of them look like they are from outer space. My seedlings are about 2 inches tall now – promises of things to come. It is wonderful to meet you, and I look forward to garden updates! a presto, Adri

  2. Comment by Diane:

    Love Italian zucca (especially in risotto!). Just put my little darlings in the garden yesterday. Hope the moon was favorable, and we don’t get anymore hail (which killed a few more delicate seedlings two days ago). Love your blog, will link to it too. Glad I found you, Diane

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