Cuore di bue Tomato

Another in the ongoing series – Exploring Tomatoes

Cuore di bue tomato

Awesome. Exotic. And well worth waiting every one of the 85 days it will take to mature. The Cuore di bue tomato is one of my favorites. Oxheart. What a name. What a tomato. This indeterminate can range in weight from one half to an entire pound. Yeah. And to hold one is a garden experience not to be missed. This massive garden delight sports a big, sexy rounded bottom that fills the palm of my hand, that tapers up to a gathered top, like a beggar’s purse, only a big beggar’s purse.

Every time I serve one of these meaty wonders to guests or give a whole one to friends heads turn, mouths water. This Italian heirloom ripens to a dark orangey red hue, has a heavy tomato scent, astounding tomato flavor, and with all that, surprisingly few seeds. Its dense flesh slices beautifully, as well as any tomato that comes to mind. It is perfect for an antipasto platter or salad. Overall the plant is quite disease resistant, and in spite of the massive fruit, needs surprisingly little staking.

If you see one of these treasures at your local garden center, even if you are full up in your tomato patch, buy it. Take it home and make space. You won’t be sorry. And come September, send me a photograph for the Readers’ Gallery.

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  1. Comment by Irene:

    Your tomatoes always look so PERFECT! (well, so does your food!)

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