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Archives for February 2016

The Clever Cookbook – A Book Review & Giveaway
CoffeeDog Craft Liqueur Crème Brûlée and a Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Archives for January 2016

Vellutata di Sedano Rapa – Cream of Celery Root Soup

Archives for December 2015

The CoffeeDog Coffee and Vanilla Liqueur Kit Christmas Giveaway is here!
Cappelletti and What Time Is Midnight Mass? – A Vino Aperitivo for the Season

Archives for October 2015

Gina DePalma and Copulettas – Half-moon pastries from Sardinia

Archives for February 2015

The White Widow – a Punch Abruzzo cocktail

Archives for December 2014

Coppette alla Crema di Ricotta
Three-Nut fingers and The Inaugural Italian Gals Cookie Exchange
Call it Spaghetti Rapida – A Pasta to Die For; Gifts for Christmas #2
Strucà – Olive Oil Panettone; Gifts for Christmas #1

Archives for November 2014

Farrotto allo Zafferano con Pignoli Tostati – Creamy Farro with Saffron and Toasted Pine Nuts

Archives for October 2014

Biscotti di Nero d’Avola

Archives for September 2014

Averna e More
Late Summer is Tomato Time

Archives for August 2014

Averna, 2 Homes and an Army of Workmen

Archives for May 2014

Step by Step to a Savory Crostata – Zucchini Crostata with Ricotta-Lemon Filling
Roasted Red Onions with Basil, Fennel Seeds, and Balsamic Glaze

Archives for April 2014

Citrus Salad with Hazelnuts and Basil
Quaresimali – Chunky Almond Biscotti for Lent
Homemade Ricotta Cavatelli with Sausage and Swiss Chard, and a Giveaway!

Archives for March 2014

Negroni Float – Barman Meets Soda Jerk
Agrumato Tangerine Gelato – Olive Oil Gelato
Wordless Wednesday – Flour Power

Archives for February 2014

Tacconi al ragù di carne macinata e funghi porcini secchi – Corn Pasta Squares with Beef and Mushroom Ragù
Stand By Your Pan – Don’t Throw Away that Le Creuset!
Plan Your Italian Garden!

Archives for January 2014

Broccoli with Homemade Cavatelli and Crudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pears Poached in Passito with Mugolio Cream

Archives for December 2013

Pears in Pastry with Caramel Sauce

Archives for November 2013

Southern Italian Desserts by Rosetta Costantino – a Book Review and a Giveaway
The Glorious Vegetables of Italy by Domenica Marchetti – a Book Review

Archives for October 2013

Biscotti Italian Cookies – a Book Review
Corzetti Stampatti – and a Giveaway! – The Corzetti Files Part 5

Archives for September 2013

One Hundred Years in America – Spinach Tagliatelle with Lamb Meatballs
Savory Cocktails by Greg Henry – a Book Review
Ricotta-Punch Abruzzo Ice Cream

Archives for August 2013

Blackberry-Sangiovese Sorbetto and A Book Review
Stracnar with Sausage and Pepper Ragù – More with a Cavarola Board
Granita di Caffè con Panna – Espresso Granita with Whipped Cream
Lemon-Basil Sorbet with Mixed Berries
Basil Blueberry Swirl Gelato
On Sunday, occasionally – No 2

Archives for July 2013

Taste of Honey by Marie Simmons – a Book Review
Stuffed Tomatoes Redux – Pomodori Ripieni
On Sunday, occasionally – No. 1
Crema alla Fragola – Homemade Strawberry Cream Liqueur from Domenica Marchetti – Blog Cook-a-thon #8
We Are Moving!!
Third Anniversary Celebration and Giveaway – Winner Announced!

Archives for June 2013

Third Anniversary Celebration and Giveaway
Fonte di Foiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alba Rosa – Cocchi Americano Rosa and Grapefruit Juice

Archives for May 2013

Sweet Pea and Fava Crostini with Herbs and Ricotta
Pace da Poggio Etrusco – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Archives for April 2013

The Backsplash – Cocchi Americano Rosa and Solerno Cocktail
Foolproof Frazzled Mamma Cheesecake or The Pope Made Me Do It – Blog Cook-a-thon #7
Agrumato Lemon & Herbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cicerchie and Black Kale Soup
Make Your Own Spinach Garganelli – Spinach Garganelli with Ragù

Archives for March 2013

Cocchi Americano Rosa
Fettuccine alla papalini – The Pope’s Fettuccine
Meyer Lemon Gelato Pie – Happy Pi Day
Blood Orange and Solerno Ice Pops – Ghiaccioli di arancia rossa e Solerno

Archives for February 2013

Pasta e Ceci – Garbanzo Beans with Pasta
Blood Orange Pudding – Gelo di arancia rossa
Blood Orange and Bella di Cerignola Salad with Solerno
The Hanky Panky – Happy Valentine’s Day
Blood Orange and Solerno Sorbetto
Meyer Lemon Gelato
World Nutella Day, February 5, 2013

Archives for January 2013

Screpelle ‘mbusse – Crepes in Broth
I Opened the Window and in Flew Enza
Brown Butter Hazelnut Madeleines – French Cakelets with an Italian Accent

Archives for December 2012

Barolo Chinato – a Nectar for Winter
Blogs Got Talent! – An Award from La Voglia Matta
Parrozzo – Christmas Almond Cake from Abruzzo
The Mayan Calendar, Corzetti, and The End of Time
Bocconotti Calabresi – Italian Christmas Cookies – Blog Cook-a-thon #6
Wild Rice Soup
American Food Roots meets Italian Christmas Cookies – Blog Cook-a-thon #5

Archives for November 2012

Cynar – Acquire the Taste
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Crostata di Funghi – Mushroom Tart
Zuppa di Funghi – Mushroom Soup
Fernet Branca – Gelato al Fernet Branca
The Daily Cookie by Anna Ginsberg – A Book Review

Archives for October 2012

Wordless Wednesday – Garganelli

Archives for September 2012

New Name – New Address

Archives for August 2012

Wordless Wednesday – Friggitello Peppers: red, green and in between
Wordless Wednesday – A Study in Scarlet
White Peach Crostata
Wordless Wednesday – Purple Days

Archives for July 2012

Wordless Wednesday – Limmony Tomatoes and the Eggplant
The Garibaldi Guard – The 39th New York Infantry Regiment
When the Moon Hits Your Eye or Spaghetti in the Sky
Cantaloupe & Campari Pops – Ghiacciolo fatto in casa
Fregola Sarda – Fregola Salad with Vegetables and Basil Vinaigrette
Philip Mazzei and the Declaration of Independence

Archives for June 2012

Mirtilli Mandorla Pops – Blueberry Grappa Pops
Crostata di albicocche e amaretti – Apricot and Amaretti Tart
Punch Abruzzo Float for Father’s Day
Liberation of Rome June 4, 1944 and Spaghetti Carbonara
On the Occasion of Italy’s National Day – Festa della Repubblica

Archives for May 2012

Funghi e Zucchini Trifolati – Mushrooms and Zucchini with Nepitella and Italian Parsley
Crema al Forno con Punch Abruzzo – Baked Egg Custard with Punch Abruzzo
Zucca – The Mezzo Piano
Nepitella – Calamentha Nepeta
Crostata di Nocciole e Caramella – Hazelnut and Caramel Crostata

Archives for April 2012

The Boulevardier
Meyer Lemon Simple Syrup
Garganelli – Maccheroni al Pettine

Archives for March 2012

Colomba di Pasqua – Easter Dove Bread
Tomatomania! – The Rite of Spring
Senate Resolution – 150th Anniversary of Italian Univication
Torta di limone verde e mascarpone – Lime and Mascarpone Torta – The Recipe
Torta di limone verde e mascarpone – Lime and Mascarpone Torta – Happy Pi Day
Crostata al limone – Lemon Tart
The Bloody Monty
Creme Caramel from Bouchon
Brodo di Pollo – Chicken Stock
Zuppa di cavolo nero con salsiccia ed orzo – Black Kale, Sausage and Barley Soup

Archives for February 2012

Gioacchino Rossini
Maccheroni alla Chitarra di Farro con Pesto di Cavolo Nero – Guitar Cut Farro Pasta with Black Kale Pesto
It’s Time to Grow Italian!
Mardi Gras King Cake
Ravioli alla cavarola – Quilted ravioli
Latte alla Portoghese al Caffe e Cioccolato – Espresso and Chocolate Creme Caramel
World Nutella Day, February 5, 2012

Archives for January 2012

Pere martine al Toscana Rosso – Pears Poached in Red Wine
Where To Buy Corzetti Stamps – The Corzetti Files Part 4
Punch Abruzzo

Archives for December 2011

Zabaglione con crema e frutti di bosco – Zabaglione with Cream and Mixed Berries
Poached Oranges with Solerno Liqueur
Corzetti Stampati agli Spinaci con Gorgonzola – The Corzetti Files Part 3
Croccante di Natale – Almond Brittle for Christmas
Nancy Silverton’s Bittersweet Chocolate Cake
‘Tis the season to overindulge or pazza per amaro

Archives for November 2011

Mocha Espresso with Amaretto
Pumpkin Lasagne ai Quattro Formaggi
Maccheroni alla Chitarra con Ragù d’Agnello (Lamb Ragù)

Archives for October 2011

Mastering the Art of French Cooking – The Revolution Was Televised
Panna Cotta all’Amaretto
Tortelli Caramelle for Columbus Day
Cucina Povera by Pamela Sheldon Johns – A Book Review
L’Americana – A cocktail for Amanda Knox

Archives for September 2011

Ristra di Peperoncino – Still Life
Pomodori Ripieni – Stuffed Tomatoes
Martino’s Roma
My Calabria by Rosetta Costantino with Janet Fletcher – A Book Review
It’s L.A. County Fair Time
In Memoriam – Salvatore Licitra
Solerno – Sicilian Blood Orange Liqueur

Archives for August 2011

La Rosalia – A Happy Marriage of Watermelon, Aperol and Basil
Banana Legs Tomato
Golden Copper Tomato Sauce
LA Times Gravenstein Thin-Crusted Apple Tart
Acqua di cedro – a Drink and a Panna Cotta
Negroni Sbagliato

Archives for July 2011

The Americano Cocktail
Stracenate, Stracnar and a Cavarola Board
Il Festino di Santa Rosalia and The Black Plague
Mint Chocolate Chip Panna Cotta
Happy Birthday Rossella Rago – Corzetti Stampati al Limone
Homemade Trifecta – Blueberry Peach Jam, Buttermilk Currant Scones and Mascarpone

Archives for June 2011

Los Angeles City Schools Coffee Cake
Takes a Licking and Keeps on Clicking – Our Nikon Remote
Buttermilk Panna Cotta
Happy Birthday! Buon Compleanno Pizza Margherita!
Tigerella Tomato

Archives for May 2011

Gelatina di Nero d’Avola – Nero d’Avola Wine Gelatin
Cuore di bue Tomato
Red Fig Tomato
Not Giada’s Espresso and Chocolate Jellies – Synchronicity
Cocchi Americano – Prendiamo un aperitivo

Archives for April 2011

Corzetti: The Intagliatore of Chiavari – The Corzetti Files Part 2
Italian Seeds
Torta Tre Monti
Nutella-Swirl Poundcake: A Most Blogged About Poundcake

Archives for March 2011

Presidential Proclamation – 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy
Blood Orange Fruit Gelatin

Archives for February 2011

Blood Orange Panna Cotta

Archives for January 2011

Corzetti: Edible Art – The Corzetti Files Part 1
Nutella Thumbprint Cookies
Nutella Coffee Cake

Archives for December 2010

Brown Sugar Shortbread
Palle di Neve – Italian Christmas Cookies

Archives for October 2010

Dad’s Favorite Dishes
Eataly – and new friends

Archives for September 2010

Breaking Bread in L’Aquila – A Book Review
Espresso Mocha Float
Mom’s Ravioli: Part One
The LA County Fair
Tomato Jam

Archives for August 2010

Mom’s Sauce
Cooking Channel Honors Julia Child
Happy Birthday Julia!

Archives for July 2010

Espresso Panna Cotta
Gold Medal Tomato
Ananas Noire Tomato
Sungold Tomato
Iced Hibiscus Tea
Cheesy Eggs
My Urban Garden
Pesche Ripiene – Stuffed Peaches
Gelato Affogato

Archives for June 2010

David Rocco
Recipes from an Italian Summer – A Book Review
The Los Angeles Times Food Section

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