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The Clever Cookbook – A Book Review and Giveaway

Posted February 21, 2016 By Adri

Braised Chicken with Red Wine & Mushrooms Over Creamy Polenta Mick Jagger said “Time is on my side.” But I sure never felt that way back when Bart and I were working. Arriving home at 6:00 after a busy day, the idea of spending 2 hours prepping, cooking and then cleaning up, propelled us into […]

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My first article about CoffeeDog generated so much interest that the good folks at Bulldog Brewery LA asked if I wanted to do another Giveaway, this one to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Call it a #Giveaway or a contest, I’m always up for giving someone a gift. So the good news is you all have another […]

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It’s cold, and Italy’s hearty soups are on tables everywhere now. But Italy’s culinary tradition boasts a wealth of soups that run the gamut from the rustic tradition of cucina povera to the refined alta cucina. This soup is a light, delicately flavored creamy classic, a pitch perfect overture to a sumptuous standing rib roast […]

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Cappelletti and What Time Is Midnight Mass?

Posted December 20, 2015 By Adri

A Vino Aperitivo for the Season It’s early on Christmas Eve when the phone rings in the parish office, and the caller asks “What time is Midnight Mass?” Honest. Every year at parishes around the world inquiring minds want to know. A friend who was a parish administrator herself said that she fielded dozens of […]

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Coppette alla Crema di Ricotta

Posted December 27, 2014 By Adri

Got Panettone? If you have Italian friends, then I bet your answer is a resounding yes because some of those friends must have given you some panettone as a Christmas gift. As good as it is right out of its pretty box, or toasted with a bit of butter at breakfast time, at my house […]

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A Pop-Up Cookie Event 2014 is the inaugural year of the Italian Gals Christmas Cookie Exchange. One minute Linda, Domenica, Marie and I were gabbing about food (what else?) on Facebook, and the next we were doing what we do best – getting busy in the kitchen. Linda figured out the logistics, and we all […]

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