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A Pop-Up Cookie Event 2014 is the inaugural year of the Italian Gals Christmas Cookie Exchange. One minute Linda, Domenica, Marie and I were gabbing about food (what else?) on Facebook, and the next we were doing what we do best – getting busy in the kitchen. Linda figured out the logistics, and we all […]

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Biscotti di Nero d’Avola

Posted October 25, 2014 By Adri

The holidays are coming and it is time to think about tiny treats. For an afternoon snack, an accompaniment to an after-dinner glass of wine, or tidbits for surprise drop-in guests, these biscotti are perfect. These little cookies bear a distinct resemblance to Sicily’s famous Biscotti di Regina, but they have a lot more going […]

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    Nobody does Easter like the Italians. From chocolate fantasy eggs and wonderful cookies to the famous Pastiera, celebration foods abound. Lent, or Quaresima as it is known in Italy, is the period from Ash Wednesday to Easter, a time of self-enforced culinary deprivation during which cucina magra, or the consumption of lean food, […]

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Biscotti – Italian Cookies

Posted October 23, 2013 By Adri

A Book Review “We decided early on that our biscotti would be piccolini – small – like a great Roman espresso…” – Mona Talbott Good things come in small packages. Cookies and books. This diminutive book, by chefs Mona Talbott and Mirella Misenti, is the first in my series of suggestions for Christmas giving. The […]

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I can hear it now. What’s a French cookie doing in a site devoted to Italian food? Well, the answer is they are good, and I was having a craving, and so I am sharing. Besides, with almond flour from Piemonte and Frangelico, these Madeleines speak with an Italian accent. These small cakelets baked in […]

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Bocconotti Calabresi – Italian Christmas Cookies

Posted December 16, 2012 By Adri

Adri’s Great Blog Cook-a-thon #6 My great Blog Cook-a-thon continues. Travel to Calabria for bocconotti – little mouthfuls – with Cooking with Rosetta. These “little mouthfuls’ are delicate lemon scented pastry cases with a chocolate, almond and cocoa filling warmed with cinnamon and cloves. These are addictive.

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